Steph Castor is a writer and poet as well as an open-minded musician, baker, photographer, cat parent, daughter, doodler, and other (usually) adventurous characters. She began playing guitar at the age of 11, not long after discovering her friendship with the written word. She took three guitar lessons before starting her first band, and while she still can’t read music, most of her narrative comes from over 13 years of life on tour with an assortment of small Midwestern punk bands. From Walmart parking lots, to damp gas station grass in Montana, to stained passenger van seats, to a cozy Eudora farm… let’s just say everywhere you lay your head comes with its own stink. Its own fire. Its own cliffhanger. When she’s not enjoying late night living room band practice with Vigil and Thieves or kneading a scratch sweet dough, or cuddling with Nosferatu the cat– Castor spends her time educating queer/femme/non-binary youth about the local music scene and ongoing ways to smash the patriarchy through performance, civic engagement, and poetry. Past work can be found in beloved music outlets including Guitar Girl Magazine, Guitar World, Revolver Magazine, Tattoo.com, Outburn Magazine and many more. She is very happy to being joining the Stubborn Mule Press family.